Mike's Priorities for Brooklyn Center

Together, we will move our city to a brighter future.

We will grow our local economy,

with higher paying jobs and thriving small businesses.

We will revitalize neighborhoods, improve schools, and build a more livable and sustainable city.

Safe Neighborhoods

  • Redesign to keep everyone safe
  • Expanded response system
  • Accountability
  • Fully Fund Public Safety

Strong Families

  • Good Paying Jobs
  • Quality Housing
  • Support for Parents
  • Senior Housing

Strong Kids

  • Improve Our Schools
  • Safe Bikeable Roadways
  • Recreational Spaces
  • Learning Opportunities
  • New Youth Center

Strong Communities

  • Shared Vision
  • Better connected Neighborhoods
  • Sustainability
  • Modernized Community Center

Vibrant City

  • Business Development (including nice sit-down restaurants)
  • New Housing
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Activities for Young Adults

Why I am running for re-election

TIME to move into the Future. Brooklyn Center has great unrealized potential. When I became mayor 3 years ago, our city had fallen far behind while neighboring cities were thriving. We suffered a net loss of businesses, increased vacant lots, decreased school performance, fewer opportunities for young people, and lack of connection between our diverse communities. TIME to Transform. Time to continue our work to transform from that past stagnant status quo to a vibrant city with a future built on pillars of economic vitality and a safe connected community.

New Businesses: An incredible entrepreneurial spirit is alive in our city. In my second term, we will continue to support small businesses to create a thriving and sustainable local economy. Establish a new Business Development Center to help businesses grow. Support emerging small businesses ready to scale up and established businesses to better serve residents. Bring in businesses residents want: nice sit down restaurants, theater, ice cream shop, grocery co-op, hardware store. Allow residents to spend dollars here and support the city. New revenue from businesses will support the tax base and lessen the burden on homeowners.

Support families, youth, and seniors: Strong families are the bedrock of our community. Our kids are our future! Ensure graduating seniors are ready to further their education or enter the 21st century workforce, well-prepared with skills. Create quality transitional homes for our seniors.

Safe and connected neighborhoods, clean water: Residents share ongoing concerns about our water quality. We will assure residents have clean and safe water.

As Minnesota’s most diverse city, we have incredible potential. Community outreach is the centerpiece of my campaign. I will work to create opportunities for people to connect, share ideas, and strengthen neighborhoods. We will work together to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe. 

Vibrant city Revitalize major traffic corridors. Create new housing options. New business locations for local entrepreneurs. Increase safe walkable and bikeable streets. Establish convenient public places where people gather to celebrate our cultures with food, performances and art. Improve public access to waterfronts and renewable energy options.


Measures to further our goals for the city

Engage residents from every background to craft a comprehensive vision for our city. Harness the time-tested power of bottom-up governance where members of the community have a say in shaping our city. This is the way forward to a brighter future. There is wisdom in a diverse, collective voice. We will harness this strength to rebuild our city, I am Mike Elliott and I ask for your vote on or before August 9 in the primaries. Thank you.