About Mike Elliott

Mike has served as mayor since Brooklyn Center elected him in 2018. His guiding values are prosperity, accountability, equity, and inclusion for all. Mike’s vision for Brooklyn Center is a city where everyone thrives, no matter their background.

Mayor Elliott’s first term has been one of the most challenging times in our city’s history. He’s led our city through a pandemic, a political uprising and public safety crisis, and economic downturn. On April 11, 2021 the international stoplight turned on Brooklyn Center when Daunte Wright was killed. Mayor Mike acted swiftly, guided us through the crisis, with the goal of preserving our city and human rights, and brought us landmark community-led public safety changes to keep everyone safe.

Mike was born in Liberia, and grew up on his grandmother’s rice farm in his early years. Mayor Elliott immigrated to the United States in 1994 at age 11 with his four-year-old brother, after escaping the civil war. Mayor Elliott talks about the experience of “running from place to place during the war, not knowing where our next meal would come from. "My Grandmother carried me on her back through the forest”. He attended Palmer Lake Elementary, Northview Middle School, and graduated from Brooklyn Center Jr./Sr. high school, then graduated with a BA in International Management and Political Science at Hamline University.

1. Why I'm running for re-election:

We have an amazing city. Our best days are ahead of us. We will continue rebuilding our economic base. In my first term as mayor, we've gone through a pandemic, weathered an uprising – with the eyes of the world on us – and begun the important work to transform public safety. We’ve lowered the property taxes for the first time in many years, built the first new single family and multifamily housing in decades, raised the median household income, passes one of the strongest tenet protection rights laws in the state, and begun to rebuild our city. In my next term, we will bring back nice sit down restaurants. Improve the water quality. Provide more opportunities for our youth. Create a safer community. Support local businesses. Support our seniors on fixed incomes. Continue fighting to attract more new businesses, and fully fund a well rounded public safety system. We will harness the collective wisdom of our community. Everyone matters. I ask for your vote.

2. On Public Safety:

On the heels of leading our city through tragedy and uprising, I authored a transformative resolution passed by the City Council. With LEAP’s (Law Enforcement Action Partnership) help, we are creating a well rounded public safety system that includes appropriate police response. The two key problems with our current approach to safety – transforming our system so that police are not the only available response for everything, and increasing transparency and community oversight – are a common sense approach that keeps everyone safe. It is a research-based, public-health oriented approach to community safety that can save millions of dollars as is the case in other communities.

3. On Transportation

Develop transportation systems which create safer roads, protect our health, and the environment. Develop multi-modal transportation systems for walking, biking, cars, and public transit that also meet accessible needs. Prepare for coming transportation technologies including autonomous cars and electric vehicles. 


Education: Bachelor of Arts, International Management, Hamline University 

Occupation: Small business owner, Software Engineer

Community involvement:

Mike is an active member of the Brooklyn Center and broader community. He currently serves as a member of the following boards: Brooklyn Center Mayor, Brooklyn Center Public Safety Implementation Committee, Highway 252 Political Advisory Committee, Connect the Blue Line, North Metro Mayors, Minnesota Mayors, U.S. Mayors, Minnesota Orchestra Board, former CEAP Board

 He is a former member of the Brooklyn Center Charter Commission and was a board member of the Community Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP) from 2011-2017.

He founded Fastforward Education in 2002, a foundation dedicated to fostering academic success at Brooklyn Center Jr/Sr High School. At Fastforward, Mike designed and taught a curriculum focused on rapidly improving student achievement. He is the founding advisor of Brooklyns Youth Council (2009-2011), a former member of the Brooklyn Bridge Alliance (2009-2011), and a former board member of Brooklyn Peacemaker Center (2003-2005).

Contact information: 

[email protected]